FuFann enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. Originally, we focused on producing chocolate spread to fulfill the market's needs. In the course of time, many special delicacies were created and became popular in Taiwan.

In 2003, the Coconut Paste was awarded Food innovation Prize by ANUGA in Cologne. This encouragement kept us on creating the best products and strictly executing QC policies.

In 2006, we acquired ISO22000 and HACCP, which ensure the food safety during the whole processing.  Henceforth, our products started to compete with other fine foods in many international cuisine selections.

We are firmly convinced that QUALITY is the most important element of a valuable merchandise. A good product is to obtain appreciation from consumers and meet their needs.

Besides producing good products, we endeavor to preserve the civic virtue of a conscientious entrepreneur   whose core value is professionalism and service. FuFann Enterprise is therefore a spread expert to the market and at the same time a conscientious citizen to the society.


FuFann started the business from B2B market and sells large quantities for business use. Based on market demand, we develop another line to meet the different channel of the market.

FUFANN Paste and Spread

• Bulk package for business use. (breakfast chain store/cafés/snack shops)
• Industry Use: Bulk package for industry use. (baking factory/ice cream factory)

paste® Paste and Spread

• Small-sized for end users. (supermarket/grocery store/wedding gift)

BuQa® Paste and Spread

 Small-sized for end users. (supermarket/grocery store/wedding gift)